What is a Webstar?

Learn new job skills and apply them in the workplace
Learn new computer skills and apply them in the workplace
Teach adult patrons to use computer software
Oversee daily operation of computer center
Support library administration
Promote the WebStar program to peers and others

WebStar Job Duties

Learn and apply new job skills

  • timekeeping and accountability for attendance
    • signing in and out of shifts
    • negotiating work schedules
    • finding replacements when needed and notifying coordinator
  • customer service
    • developing skills in diplomacy, empathy, problem-solving, conflict resolution, patience
    • adapting customer service skills to assist adult and child patrons
  • interpersonal skills
    • learning how to relate to a supervisor in the workplace
    • developing efective peer relationships in the workplace
    • learning how to represent an organization and serve customers on its behalf
    • teaching (please see below)
  • collaboration
    • learning team-based project design, development, and decision-making
    • contributing ideas as a team in the vision of the program
  • problem-solving
    • learning to prioritize work assignments during a shift
    • finding effective solutions to solving computer users' problems
    • learning effective communication strategies for a variety of media (public speaking, print, web)
    • keeping logs of daily activities and user statistics
    • monitoring supply levels

Learn and apply computer skills

  • Basic hardware and hardware maintenance
  • Operating systems
  • Office automation software, including spreadsheet, word processing, and database
  • Internet browsers and web directories
  • Webpage design HTML
    • graphics
    • photo editing
    • graphic design
    • animation
    • content

Oversee daily operations of Computer Center

  • Apply user criteria (time limits) to assign workstations to patrons
  • Log patron requests for computer time (on an hourly and daily basis)
  • Assist in monitoring noise level in the Computer Center and discipline patrons when necessary
  • Stock laser printer with paper and toner
  • Fix paper jams and minor technical problems with computer workstations
  • Keep records of patron requests for computer classes
  • Log computer usage statistics and enter totals into weekly library report
  • Tutor patrons in basic computer operations including
    • Using the operating system
    • Saving documents
    • Printing
    • Formatting
    • Using templates
  • Teach web skills to patrons including
    • navigating webpages
    • Using web-based audio and video files
    • Using web search engines
    • Setting up email accouts
    • Servicing, receiving, and saving email messages
  • Report technical problems to library personnel
  • Distribute and install headphones for library patrons
  • Assist young users in the children's computer section with using computer games, email, and educational software
  • Teach library patrons to use computers
  • translating technical concepts for beginning computer users
  • speaking effectively to small groups
  • working with learners one-on-one
  • developing and refining computer class curricula for adult students (under coordinator's supervision)
  • designing class presentations and handouts using PowerPoint, Word, and other programs

Maintain computer hardware

  • Clean monitors
  • Clean and maintain input devices (keyboard, mouse)

Support library administration

  • Design signs and flyers to announce library and "Friends of the Library' events
  • Research, design, and create special topics posters to display cases

Promote WebStars program

  • Maintain WebStars website
  • Collabratively develop and maintain WebStars' "Tips to Users" section of WebStars website

Collabratively create, adapt, and edit PowerPoint presentation promoting WebStars to a peer audience

Apply to be a WebStar! (PDF Download)

Webstar Recommendation Form (Must not be filled out by a family member or friend. Preferably a teacher, mentor, or counselor that knows you well.)

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