Welcome to the WebStars updated site! If you've never heard of us before you might want to read our Mission statement. In a word, Marin WebStars is a youth technology program serving Marin City and the greater Marin community. The program is started at the Marin City Library. You can meet the WebStars on the crew page. We always accept applications for new Webstars. If you would like to apply, please visit the about page to find out more. If you don't have Adobe Reader, click on the link below.

The WebStars will be responsible for teaching free computer classes at the library. The classes are in computer programs and technologies like PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, using email and the Internet. Here's the schedule for upcoming classes.

Want to do something with the Web?

If you, or a group or community you belong to would like to do a project with computers or the Web, please let us know. The WebStars can develop specific projects to serve community members. Contact information is available on the contact page.


The WebStar Program is designed to empower young people through computer training, opportunities to work with the public in a library setting and participation in internship programs with local technology companies or career in the library field. The WebStar Program is also designed to reach out to the community's non-profit agencies to provide support in accessing information and building up the Community Network. The Community Network is the existing community of people and agencies working to build a more prosperous Marin City. Designed for students ages 14-17, WebStars is modeled after the highly successful "Explainers Program" at the San Francisco Exploratorium and the innovative Mac Magic program at Davidson Middle School in San Rafael (The Mac Magic program is jointly sponsored by Apple Computers and Lucas Arts Learning). Collaborative partners include public libraries, schools, private multimedia corporations, county government and local community not-for-profit.