Are the Lakers In Trouble?

ggSo recently I haven't been paying as much attention to the NBA games and things but I have a heard a few talks and decided to look into it. Recently the Los Angeles Lakers a Lebron led team favored to win the NBA finals in a thrilling matchup against the east favors, the Brooklyn nets. The Lakers have recently dropped from 2nd to 6th seed in the west they have been 3-7 in their last 10 games 9 of those loses have came without Lebron who is currently battling a very serious Ankle injury. Lebron almost his entire career has had ankle problems but at this age with the problems coming back isn't a good sign for the Lakers at all. In Lebron's first return he made a statement saying "I don't think I'll ever been 100% again". Now this statement shocked a ton of people, literally the most valuable person to the Lakers championship run has commented about his percentage on effort and being able to perform isn't the same right after a career battling injury. Honestly as of now I don't even think the Laker will make it out of the second round.

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