This one of my favorite games out of this entire list NBA 2k19 is a Basketball Simulation Game where you can control your favorite NBA players. There are many different game modes in NBA 2k19 My favorite mode is MyCareer its a game mode that let you create your own NBA all-star lead your team to the NBA finals to become the next champions. My career mode is just like the NBA same rules. When starting MyCareer they will have you choose your archetype you want to be there are many different archetypes you can choose you can even mix them between two different archetypes. I'm going to describe my favorite archetypes. If you like shooting threes than your archetype that would suit you is a Pure Sharpshooter they can get a 99 three-point you can become the next Steph curry but even better or if u like shooting fadeaways or off the dribble shots like Kobe Bryant create a Pure Shot Creator they gain a 99 mid-range shot a is dominate off the dribble kind of unstoppable. Unless your being guarded by a Lockdown Defender this archetype is so annoying. Especially when you're a build such as a sharpshooter they can steal the ball very easily. Lockdown Defenders get a 99 steal,92 shot contest, and an 89 block. You will also get a 98 lateral quickness it helps you keep up or run faster the best point guards or other fast archetypes. The problem with being a lockdown defender is you lack in offense a lot. But with the badge corner specialists would help you knock down a fair amount of threes in the corner. Badges are a huge boost in 2k19 it gives you the ability to do things far beyond your archetypes. There are the 4 stages of the badges Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame Most Pure build get Hall of Fame badges. But you can only get certain badges that relate to your Archetype, for example, a lockdown defender will not get a limitless range badge which allows you to shoot from nearly half-court, because the build is horrible at offense, but the sharpshooters which have a 99 three gets hall of fame limitless range.