Its Time For Trading: Kemba Walkers New Destination?


Hey Guys and Gals I'm back with another hot take that maybe very interesting to see happen. Today's topic is going to be about Kemba Walker and his potential landing spots after his recent trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Al Horford and Moses Brown. I do believe as a OKC fan that this was a good trade we acquired the Celtics 2021 1st round #16 pick alongside Kemba Walker a guy who I believe stock will rise and eventually help us acquire more draft picks or a young star sooner than you think. Rumors around the NBA have been going on about both LA teams "sniffing around acquiring all star guard Kemba walker"., As I assumed because both LA lack firepower at the PG position with both Dennis Schroeder and Reggie Jackson becoming free agents. Now this made me think both teams don't have a lot of wiggle room to acquire someone with that big of a contract but one LA team is more favorable with the higher odds to acquire him and that team is the Clippers. The LA Lakers simply are in very bad position right now with 11 of out there 18 players becoming free agents this upcoming off season and with Montrez Harrel having a player option to enter free agency which he most likely will after barely getting any minutes this year the Lakers are in a very burdensome situation. Now the LA Clippers are in a way better situation as of now with only 5/18 players becoming free agents this off season, so there is not much they have to spend there to acquire more rotational pieces. They can forsure bring back Dcousins and Nic batum both on 1.6m deals in which they just previously signed for, its questionable with bringing back Reggie Jackson considering his astounding playoff Performances he might expect more money this off season and I'm almost certain there will be a team willing to give it to him. But also another thing into consideration is how emotional he was after the clippers lost so he might feel entitled to stay in LA but we won't know until the time comes. Now in order to acquire Kemba Walker and his 36million dollar contract the cliipers have to make sure OKC is getting something out of this trade and they have to cover for the 36million that incoming. The trade would only work if the clippers give up a package deal of Luke Kennard 12.7m, Rajon Rondo 7.5m,  Patrick Beverly 14.3m and a 2021 1st round pick and a 2022 second round pick. This assures that the OKC get more picks in what we have been craving for we also get a Young sharpshooter in Luke Kennard only 25yrs old on a 4yr contract, Then we will also get more Pat Bev and Rajon Rondo to potentially flip and gain more draft picks. The Pat bev trade from the clips is also interchangeable between him and Marcus Morris depends on who the clips would rather keep but personally I would choose Morris, Simply because he is putting up very good production off the bench in the SF/PF position averaging 13/4/1 on 47/47/80 shooting splits. Losing Beverly does lose defence in the guard position but that is not what the clippers need right now considering the already have Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Serge Ibaka 3 players who have all made the All Defensive First Team in their career, What the clips need is a Primary Ball Handler PG who can shoot well, create their own shot and space the floor to get their star guys like Kawhi and PG more room to get open. But the biggest question of all when will OKC consider trading Kemba? Will this be another CP3 situation where they give him time to play making his stock rise in order to get more for what he's worth? Or will this be a immediate trade before the 20211-2022 NBA season starts? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. Thank you all for reading, catch you next time on the next, It's time for trading.