Will 76ers Trade Ben Simmons before next season?


So after a very lackluster performance from Ben Simmons in the eastern conference Semi Finals. Social media and the sports news sparked with rumors of Ben Simmons being unhappy and parting ways with the 76ers. Ben Simmons is someone I still think is a very very good player I just think he's in the wrong fitting in Philly, and with Joel in the paint they don't really match well. The best destination for him is to go to a place surrounded by offensively skilled players where his defense can become a key point in success. What I see Ben Simmons being is a probable 3-5 guy playing SF,PF and maybe some C his height and weight alongside his amazing defensive abilities accounts for him being able to guard and play each of those positions very efficiently and what possibly be best for him at 6'10 if he develops a terrific post game before anything. I know I know "he cant shoot" " he needs learn how to shoot 3s" well with his size and talent he doesn't necessarily need to do any of those things. If Ben Simmons could develop a assassin at the post-midrange game he will truly be a one of a kind player who will strive off the pick and roll. Ben Simmons in my perspective would be dominate on a team like the Timberwolves with Dangelo Russel and Karl anthony towns? that team would be scary good with Dlo being the ballhandler, a guard who can space the floor scoring efficiently on all 3 levels same with KAT a center who can score on all 3 levels very efficiently and a rising star SG averaging 19.3pts as a rookie if u add a All NBA defensive player to that team who can guard who almost every position, score off the pick and roll and be very good in the post, that team would be playoff contenders if you ask me. Starting lineup of Dlo, Anthony Edwards, Ben simmons, Naz Reid and Karl Anthony Towns, that lineup sounds good to me. Maybe it could happen but nobody really knows, one thing I am certain that's going to happen is Ben Simmons will not be in a 76ers uniform next year.